Apparel Inspection: It’s OK to Wet your Pants!!


We have seen many Apparel Inspection jobs over the last 20 years. WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you got a call from your freight forwarder after a major storm, to tell you that the two containers of pants that were due at your distribution center tomorrow weren’t going to make it to you on time. I am sure has happened to almost everyone. But, what if they also told you that the reason that these containers weren’t going to arrive on time was due to the fact that they were submerged in salt water at the port.

Your first thoughts are probably going to be that you need to call the insurance company and get them out there immediately so that you can file the claim for the 20,000 wet pants. Then call your manufacturer and get them made over asap. But suppose that these pants needed to get onto the shelves for a big promotion in 2 weeks? What if these pants were coordinated with a jacket that was already put away in the DC?

We got a frantic call from one of our customers last year asking us for help. The cartons were crushed and the pants were soaked in two containers. We requested samples immediately and once we reviewed them, it was determined that we could help. Fortunately, mold and mildew hadn’t started to form, but the pants had a slight smell to them. We presented a number of options and we ended up using all of them in some form to solve this problem for the customer.

  1. For the pants that were not wet (there were some that were spared), we were able hang them, air them out and give them an Ozone treatment to kill any festering mold and bring back the original fabric smell.
  2. For the pants that were soaked in salt water, these needed a good laundering to kill any festering mold, and remove the salt water from the pants as the salt water could have damaged these and ruined the color or texture of the fabric check that. Once these were fully laundered, pressed, and inspected, the were then re-ticketed and re-bagged in new polybags. We could then place them in new boxes and ship them back to our customer.

This entire process of apparel inspection, laundering and re-packaging was completed in 2 weeks and the customer was able to save the sale and get the pants matched up with the jackets and get them out to the stores and online.

Darn It! Your Problem is Our Business.

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