Don’t Put Mold on Your Head!


Well of course, no one would put mold on their heads on purpose, but suppose you purchased a hat that had some festering mold and possibly some visible mold. Yuck. We don’t want to think about that. Well, you don’t have to worry. Our customer called us in a panic as they didn’t know what to do with 60,000 moldy hats. These hats had two or three white mold spots on them and, as you would imagine, they didn’t want to put these on the shelves or in bags to ship to their website customers if this was present.

This customer contacted The Darn It Apparel Repair Team immediately when they found the pesky white mold on many of their hats from this fall’s production. They were really concerned as they didn’t want to lose their sales and profit on these hats, and they were for a specific promotion across the country.
After receiving a carton of 144 samples, we put them to the test to see if we could remediate the mold and make the customer comfortable with the process. We gave them a price and a turn time, and they loved the results, so we began the process.

Upon receiving the truckloads of hats, Darn It’s Apparel Inspection Team, opened up all of the cartons and placed the hats in our Ozone Chambers to stop the visible mold from growing. None of the hang tags or stickers needed to be removed. All the trims stay intact and are not affected by the process.
Once the ozone process was completeds, the hats remained in the open to air out for a few days. Our team then completed a full inspection and spot cleaning of each hat. The hats then went through one more inspection process to double check that all of the spots have been cleaned. Then off to bagging and reboxing into new bags and boxes.

We then manifested the shipment and shipped it back to our customer’s distribution center so they could get them out to their stores and customers right away. We were able to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and of course, make their customers very happy.
So put that hat on your head. Nothing to worry about.
Your Problem Is Our Business.

“Your Problem Is Our Business”

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