Does your merchandise need packaging, kitting, or assembly? Trust our efficient processes – and our staff’s keen eye for detail.


We know it’s vital to get the details right. That’s why we offer the efficient, quality-control processes and skilled staff to package, kit, or assemble your goods to meet your exact specifications – quickly and accurately.

Rely on us to package (or repackage) your general merchandise and apparel.
Does your merchandise need to be packaged differently? Is your shipment’s prepackaged assortment incorrect? Are you repackaging goods to sell next season? If your apparel or general merchandise needs to be packaged (or repackaged), we offer the quality-control processes and depth of experience to address your packaging needs.

When it comes to kitting, the sky’s the limit!
Store, kit, ship. On the surface, this service seems straightforward, even unimaginative. However, our kitting service is rife with imagination! We’ve kitted all types of promotional packages with giveaways, an HR department’s “welcome aboard” kit containing a mug and paper goods, and even a summer camp’s “prep kit” sporting a pillowcase, t-shirt, and water bottle! If you can imagine it, we can kit it.

We assemble goods, following your specifications precisely.
Our customers implement creative marketing strategies, and they rely on Darn It! for assembly. For example, we’ve assembled untold numbers of clothing assortment packs in multiple colors and sizes. We’ve packaged together thousands of book sets. And we’ve assembled innumerable seasonal gift-wrap packs, which are sent to ecommerce customers with their merchandise.

Sometimes our customers ask us to assemble merchandise before it can be distributed and sold. For example, we assembled watch boxes, inserted the watches and instruction booklet into the boxes, shrinkwrapped the watch boxes, added tickets and labels, and shipped to retail and ecommerce outlets – all according to the customer’s precise instructions.

When you need packaging, kitting or assembly, leave the details to us! We’ll take care of your merchandise – quickly and accurately.


Fast and accurate.

Rely on Darn It! for your warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution needs.
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