Apparel Relabeling – Are Your Bras Too Tight?


Of course, this is not just a problem for the women here…This can also be a problem for the men.

What I mean by this, is that one of our male customers called us to tell us that he had 40,000 bras that one of his customers wanted to return because the sizing seemed to be way off. He said that their women customers were ordering bras that they just couldn’t get on or just seemed too tight. He asked if the Darn It’s Apparel Relabeling team could help.

We received a few dozen samples the following day and realized that they were sports bras and there was no way that we could change the construction of the bras to satisfy the measurement specifications of each size. We decided to perform a full measurement inspection on all of the different sizes in order to give our customer the proper feedback on the situation. Once completed, we realized that bras were labeled incorrectly with the wrong heat transfer label in the back of the bras. The Bras were 3 sizes too small.

We then assembled Darn It’s Apparel Relabeling team and received customer approval to move forward with ordering new heat transfer labels in 12 colors that needed to be matched perfectly to the existing bras so that the end user would never know that these were changed. Once the new labels arrived, we began the relabeling process (sizing down each bra by 3 sizes) with new heat transfers you could check here. The transfers we ordered were “cover up” transfers that went right over the old information and blocked it from coming through. This way, the customer only saw the new size and not the old one. If we were to attempt to remove the old transfer first, we could have ruined the bra.

Once complete, the Apparel Relabeling team boxed the units back up in the same cartons they arrived in and shipped them back to the customer. These were always first quality units and re-sold as such as the customer would never know that they were ever touched. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief…Your bras should fit perfectly now!

Your Problem Is Our Business.

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