Apparel sorting at supersonic speeds!



Racing the clock to re-sort 9,000 pants in just 3 days

Speed and accuracy. Here at Darn It, we sometimes talk about our apparel sorting projects as if we’re in a car race, hurtling down the track at supersonic speeds. The metaphor isn’t far from the truth. In this business, there’s always a fast-approaching “finish line” – our customer’s deadline.

No time for a false start!

In this particular case, our customer called with an extremely time-sensitive issue – an apparel sorting and packaging project that required speed and accuracy. When several hundred cartons containing 9,000 pants arrived at the distribution center – incorrectly packed! – the DC manager needed help bringing this project across the finish line in time for the season’s big promotion.

Complicating matters, the 9,000 pants came in 7 styles and 4 sizes. This apparel sorting and packaging project would be a marathon!

Ready, get set, go!

Our customer called us, and we immediately jumped into the race. Here’s how we took the lead on this apparel sorting and packaging project:

  • Upon shipping, the manufacturer had mixed various pant styles and sizes in the cartons. Instead of following the packing specifications, the cartons had been haphazardly stuffed with various pants.
  • Our first task was opening the cartons and conducting a major organization of the units. We sorted the 9,000 pants according to style and size.
  • For full efficiency, we set up 2 assembly lines to simultaneously unpack and repack.
  • The sorted pants were repacked into cartons, with each carton labeled to indicate the correct contents.
  • We created a detailed packing list and manifest, so the DC could receive and process the shipment as quickly as possible.
  • We crossed the finish line in only 3 days!

In this “race” speed and accuracy are equally important.

Our customers appreciate Darn It’s attention to detail. In this case, the retailer’s urgent need required equal amounts of speed and accuracy. In only 3 days, we were able to help them deliver these units to nationwide stores in time for the season’s big promotion.

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