Reverse logistics: It’s a critical component of your supply chain. And it’s critical to get it right.

Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics

When your goods are not on the shelf that means they’re not being sold. And that directly correlates to delayed or lost revenue. As your 3PL partner, you can rely on Darn It! for all types of reverse logistics, managed quickly and accurately.

Nothing falls through the cracks!
Thanks to our efficient process, we unload shipments quickly and immediately, move those units into stock, and enter them into our warehouse management system. This means goods are immediately available to drop again. Plus, our inventory management system enables customers to see their inventory in the warehouse, real-time. It’s helpful to know that we offer ASN, XML, EDI, and UCC128 capabilities.

We offer a full-service returns program, for projects small or large.
We have the quality-control processes, sophisticated warehousing software, and highly trained team to handle your reverse logistics – small or large – whether it’s a sprinkling of customer returns from ecommerce outlets or a massive recall action from hundreds of retail stores.

Here are types of reverse logistics support that we provide for customers’ apparel and general merchandise:

  • Customer returns – We are the fulfillment house for multiple customers offering ecommerce. When returned items are received at Darn It! they are inspected to ensure they are first-quality goods. Next, they are repackaged, reticketed, or relabeled as necessary. When put back into stock, the inventory is immediately and automatically adjusted.
  • Recall action from retail outlets – Often, this type of reverse logistics is extremely time sensitive. For example, we received 40,000 units from a nationally known sportswear brand. The liquidated garments were sent to Darn It! to be sorted, packaged, and shipped to multiple retailers, outlets, and wholesalers with a wide variety of shipping specifications. Complicating matters, the 40,000 units included hang tops, t-shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets in 4 styles, 7 colors, and multiple sizes. A lot to keep track of!
  • End-of-season consolidation – Season after season, customers rely on Darn It! to manage their consolidated merchandise. Often this involves receiving goods from multiple national outlets and sorting to gain a clear assessment of the total inventory. Often, we repackage, reticket, relabel, and warehouse the items or ship as directed. For example, we received 60,000 units from a major retailer’s end-of-season consolidation. We inspected and sorted the garments, refolded and repackaged them, and shipped them back to the distribution center so they could be sold as clearance items. In another example, the customer asked us to help with a product modification: we removed the fur collar from thousands of winter sweaters, so they could be reissued and sold in the spring collection.

Before merchandise goes back on the shelf, does it need repair or repackaging?
Often, reverse logistics requires myriad services that we can provide as your 3PL partner:

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Repair and remediation
  • Repackaging, reticketing, and relabeling
  • Product modification

With our reverse logistics services, you can sell your product – and book the revenue – as quickly as possible. Reverse Logistics




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