Apparel Inspection: Everyone Is Entitled to One Good Scare


Happy Halloween and welcome to crunch time for all manufacturers, importers and retailers. This is the time when your “Just In Time Inventory” planning turns into “I NEED IT NOW” inventory planning. Whatever you want to call it, the feeling is the same. The pressure is on to get your goods in for the holiday rush and be ready for the millions of customers to clear the shelves.

As many of you know, there can be a hiccup along the way. When it comes to quality, this can be a disaster. Darn It!’s Apparel Inspection team can flex their staff and attack those issues that your team has no time to attack now.

What if you received a shipment of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Sweaters where he was embroidered on the front of the sweater and for some reason, his nose wasn’t shining so bright!! Actually, his nose was missing on many of the sweaters. A retailer contacted Darn It!’s Apparel Inspection team and shipped the 23,000 sweaters for a visual inspection and sort. The retailer couldn’t sell the sweaters without his nose. Within 5 days, the sweaters were sorted and the good units were sent directly back to the retailer’s distribution center. The sweaters without the nose were sent to a local embroiderer who was able to stitch the nose back on to them and then back to the retailer.

The retailer was able to salvage the bad sweaters and get the entire $1.6 million worth of sweaters back into stock within a few weeks.

If this unnerves you just a little bit, please don’t hesitate to call Darn It!’s Apparel Inspection team to find out how they can get you through these scary times.

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