Darn It! is Made to Measure!


No, we aren’t talking about custom suiting from your local tailor or men’s shop.  We are talking about a major mistake that can occur in the apparel factory.  Maybe the wrong size labels were given to the stitchers and sewn in the wrong garments.  Maybe the garment when it was pre-washed shrunk too much and the fit doesn’t seem right.  Lastly, maybe the specifications were not right to begin with and the garment is too loose.

All of these scenarios above are major issues especially when your customer tries on your product at your store or at home and looks in the mirror.  If the fit is off, that person will probably not buy it or will return it the next day.  What do you do?

Darn It’s Apparel Inspection and Apparel Repair teams can help.  We see this issue many times throughout the year.  It can be a time-consuming process but can save you thousands of dollars in sales by helping you get these back to market with the right size in the garment and your customers looking great!

The first step is to identify and measure the correct points to determine the proper size.  In most cases, for tops, those measurements are the chest, length, and sleeve measurements.  For bottoms, the key measurements could be waist, hips and length.  This process is the most time consuming of this repair.

Once the three measurements are recorded, we can then determine if the garment can be sized up or down.  The new measurements have to be compared to the customer’s specifications.  If the specs match all three of the sizes exactly (within tolerance) then the garment can be re-sized to the proper size.  If one or more of the measurements does not match the specs and is out of tolerance, then unfortunately, that garment is deemed as an irregular or damaged and is put aside.

Once the garments are classified as re-sizable, they are then taken to our sewing department to have the current size label taken out and the new size label sewn in.  The stitchers perform this operation in such a way that the customer wearing the garment would never know it was changed.  The final piece to this puzzle is to change out any hang tags or tickets that have the old size including the poly bags and stickers.  The perfectly sized garments are finally placed into properly labeled cartons, manifested and shipped back to the retailer for sale.

It is a very labor intensive process but this Apparel Inspection and Repair is a great way to avoid a financial disaster.

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