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Does your current warehouse operation have limited resources when you ask them to perform tasks “Outside the Box”? Apparel Warehousing or General Merchandise Warehousing customers of Darn It Inc. appreciate all of the many offerings contained under one roof. In addition to the Pick and Pack / Fulfillment division, our customers tap into our talents throughout the building including the staff in the refurbishment division. When our warehouse customers request special tasks, we are able to flex our large and highly cross-trained staff to get these projects done efficiently and on time.

Are you currently offering special packaging or finishing that makes your brand memorable and distinctive? Our warehouse customers enjoy personal touches that we can perform in-house such as labor for special packaging, ticketing, hand written notes and branded label changes. Our stitching department can also offer finishing touches like monogramming / embroidery and on-demand inseam lengths. We’re here to help you offer unique finishing that your customers will appreciate.

Darn It, Inc. has years of experience working with various retailers to ensure that packaging, labeling and routing requirements are met. With all of the chargebacks levied by big retailers today, we will work with your team to ensure that all of the small details are handled with care.

Here is a list of some of the Value Added services we offer for Apparel Warehousing and General Merchandise Warehousing customers:

  1. Kitting / Assembly
  2. Re-packaging / Re-Labeling
  3. Re-ticketing
  4. Customization / Personalized labels and packaging
  5. Embroidery / Monogramming
  6. Quality Audits / 100% inspection
  7. Apparel / Gen. Merchandise Inspection (sorting) and / or Repair

Let Darn It! take the stress out of both your Warehousing AND Refurbishment issues. We’ve been a trusted partner and resource for over twenty (20) years. What can we do for you?

Your Problem Is Our Business.

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