Sort and Pre-Pack and Ship, Oh My!!


It can be a very daunting task.  It can be very labor intensive.  It can also take up lots and lots of space.  These issues seem to be many that come about when you are in the Off-Price arena.

Let Darn It! help you with the many fluctuations in labor and space.  For the last 25 years, Darn It has built our business on helping those who are looking for that quick turn with product that needs to be reworked or repackaged to get to its final destination.

This spring, Darn It has turned projects large and small for many different customers who had many different needs.  Our first example was receiving 62,000 pairs of shoes in bulk from a retailer’s shelves.    These shoes needed to be sorted initially by type of shoe, then down to the specific style and size.  In order for the Off-Price retailer to receive it properly at their many stores, Darn It packed the shoes in new cartons and created a manifest for each shipment.  To get this done in a short period of time, we had a team of over 30 people performing the many tasks.  Once completed, we shipped to their 8 different warehouses for distribution.

Another example is a customer who shipped us 200,000 bathing suits that came to us in their original bulk boxes and needed to be processed in a very specific way for another discount retailer.  The many tasks included hanging the bathing suits on new hangers, adding a price ticket, and picking a prepack that included a representation of different colors and sizes.  Timing was very important here as they needed these shipped quickly so that the retailer could get them on the shelves before the summer heat.  Within two weeks, all 200k units were processed by over 45 of Darn It’s associates and shipped out to many different stores for sale.

With over 80 associates and 300,000 square feet, Darn It can handle projects large and small and turn them quickly.  Soft Goods and Hard Goods.  Call today to partner with us!

Your Problem Is Our Business.


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